Start ups Innovation and Growth in India

India has declared 2010-20 as the Decade of Innovation. The Government has stressed the need to vocalize a policy to synergies science, technology and innovation and has also established the National Innovation Council (NiC).

India is the 4th largest ecosystem in the World for Starts-Ups, after the US, the UK and Israel with a rapidly evolving ecosystem, driven by an extremely young, diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial landscape.

It is expected that if the current trend continues, within 1-2 years India will reach the 2nd spot after the US and will be among the top Asian Start-Up ecosystems, along with China and South East Countries.

According to the NASSCOM around 11,500 Start-ups will come up in the Country by 2020, creating over 2.5 lakh jobs, compared to the current 75,000 jobs.

According to a report by iSpirit, the top 30 software product start-ups in India are now valued at USD 10.25 Billion 20% increase from October 2014-these starts-ups employ 21,200 people and has 80% of their customer base abroad.

The 50 Most Innovative Companies: The TATA are the only Indian Company to find place in the top 50 rankings 1. Apple 2. Google 3. Samsung 4. Microsoft 5. IBM 6. Amazon 7. Tesla 8. Toyota 9. Facebook 10.Sony